Andres Palacios Biography

Andres Palacios was born in 1981 in Yacuiba, a small town in Bolivia on the border with Argentina. His early childhood was intimately connected with Bolivian rural life and nature.

He studied architecture in La Paz, Bolivia, and subsequently industrial design in Milan, Italy and his creative drive has led him to explore and successfully work in different artistic fields such as photography, fashion, and product design. However, ever since his youth painting has been a constant and most intimate form of personal expression.

In 2012 Palacios moved to Amsterdam where he found his true calling as a painter and where he made his art public for the first time.

The abstraction and purity of his work generate an intentional open painting, where the observer can build an intimate and unique experience through imagination and submission to peaceful solitude.

Currently, Palacios lives in Brussels where he works and exhibits frequently. His work has been sold in the USA, The Netherlands, Bolivia, Argentina, Italy, and Israel.